I had to write this poem based off of the Book 5 cover :3


By Quarx Rylzma

The wind rushing,

Sunny roaring,

The night dragging,

And the sand blowing.

The green cactus,

Her scales glowing,

The yellow sand,

Is still blowing.

Sunny's confident,

That the war will terminate,

In her own way,

And not by another's reputate.

Though small,

And funny-looking,

She still wants,

To be strong,

And good-looking.

She does not have to,

Do it all alone.

She still has her friends,

Next to her,

Against her foes.



And Afraid,

She is brave.

Even in the face of death,

She refuses,

To go to,

The grave.


And compassionate,

She is nice to others,

Even to those who are,

Less fortunate.

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