Sunless Skies is a fanfiction  by Stargazer.


When Stargazer is in the NightWing Kingdom, she makes many friends. But she has gone out to the world before to secretly meet her different-tribe friends. But with all her problems with concentrating in class get harder and harder as she makes more friends in Sunless Skies.


It was stormy.

"SandWing raid!" a NightWing shrieked.

Star ran and ran, trying to keep pace and not slow down. Starshine was at her side, also running. Before Star's eyes were NightWings getting stabbed by SandWings' poisonus barbs. She had to escape. She just had to.

Stargazer caught up. "Stargazer!" she called. "Help!" Stargazer looked at her confused, then heard a roar of a SandWing. She instantly perked up. She hussled to get Star safe, but it was to much. "The... only... way... is... to... FLY!" Stargazer said, taking to the sky, her breath running out from gravity.

It may be time to give up,Star thought. Stargazer had read her mind and yelled hopefully, "No! Never! Don't... give... up...."

Just as the dragons passed out, the battle was over when their limp, lightweight bodies softly touched the ground.

Part One: Class Practice

Chapter One

Stargazer was startled, awake. 

What a bad dream, she thought sleepily.

She got up and shook herself. Wait until Vortex and Starshine hear about this! She looked out of a window and saw one of her pet cows was growing bigger. Finally! Sorry, cow. She swooped down out of her window and snatched up the cow. She brought it back inside her room and killed it with a swift throw in the air. It hit the ceiling and it cracked a little. Whoops. Great. she thought. No matter what NightWing it'll be, it's gonna kill me!

She ate her cow and plopped onto a rock that served as a pillow. "Phfft. NightWing. Why not a SandWing kill me instead. But wait-- I rather die of age." She looked at a painting of her and Vortex. "Yes, yes, I know." she told the picture as if it were Vortex. "You love me. But me? Not at all. I only like you. As in the I'm friends with you like. Oh well," she continued, "talking to a picture. Boy, am I crazy!"

Stargazer flew out her window. "La la la, la!" she sang. "Wait--what?!" She hit her head. "Crazy, crazy, crazy!"