SunLeaf is a Sandwing Rainwing who looks up to Sunny as a role model. Her name was originally VenomSpit by her parents, but she acted kind and gentle, the exact opposite of what her parents thought she would be like. She ran away from her parents when they tried to force her to be deceiving, cunning, and wicked. A bit of death and wickedness remains in her, and only shows itself on rare occasions.


SunLeaf looks mostly like a sandwing with a frill, and her sandwing web on top of her body is almost always green. Her venom is somewhat weak on both ends because the amount of venom inside a rainwing's body is distributed to her fangs and tail, but using both can be a lethal weapon.


SunLeaf can be unbearably optimistic, but she isn't exactly like Sunny. She acts wicked at times of distress, and can get a bit gloomy randomly. Shadowfrost says this happens when she's 'too happy' all the time, and her body needs to produce more happiness and in this period of time she has no cheer in her. Bowfin says this is a terrible theory.