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Summer's Life

Summer is a very happy-go-lucky SandWing. Summer was adopted because her real parents said that she didn't use protection and that she was an accident. This truth really deeply scarred Summer. Her foster parents healed that scar. They were a RainWing couple who couldn't give birth. Ever since, Summer lived in the Valley of Mists. I'm thinking of writing a fanfic so she'll be a protagonist.

The Description

Summer is an average sized SandWing with a pale golden skin and a sandy underbelly. Summer can breathe fire and has a barbed tail (duh!).

Summer's Personality

Summer is very friendly and outgoing. But you start yappin' about her real parents she could be pissed off. Summer has lots of friends and some dragons hate her because she is too nice and weak. But most of the time dragons like her because she is nice and helpful.