There is nothing special about her appearance, as she is in distinguishable from the average Sandwing.


Her persona is was makes he so unique. She is a poet and scribe, and a die-hard Sandwing nationalist, writing and publishing works for all dragons, even those who cannot read. She writes ballads and sonnets glorifying Thorn, and constantly makes appearances at school to teach young Sandwings to read and write. Whenever she is commissioned, she is up to the task. She'll write a 100 page paper on papyrus without eating for four nights in a row. Passionate and skillful, she writes of her alter ego, wanting to be on the front lines of the Sandwing royal guard, but reminding herself literacy is the best policy. Any Sandwing in the army she includes in her work, praising each individual whose name she can recall, and interviewing those who she can't You won't find her far from a scroll of papyrus and a pen. When she's not doing that, she's with her family, hanging out with her cousins Arabia and Jerusalem.