Subsonic By Tundra

Subsonic Is a mysterious that nobody usually knows anything about him. Subsonics parents both are dead his


Father was struck by lightning doing weather patrol an his mother died of a sikness. He lives his life at the Swiftwing village but usually travels. Ever sice his parents died he has practiced flying he is an extremely great flier and is super fast. Subsonic also owns a tortise named Tank. He loves tank and even though tank is slow he still brings him along on some adventures.


Subsonic can usually have an Ego to carry out and is super competitive. He pushes himself to the limit then tries to push farther. He is a great friend and can fight well. His telekinesis is ok but he still needs to work on it he knows teerakinesis but now is trying areokinesis.



Subsonic is a white color on most of his body but also has other rainbow colors on his areas that resemble hair. He has rainbow lightning bolt shape on his hind legs and the line from his eye Is a teal

  • Subsonic's Katana
  • His Gun (Fallout Pyrrhia.)

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