Subduction is a SeaWing OC by Matau99 for roleplay.

She is fairly smart and moderately cunning, but her main talent is strategic analysis. She is a low-ranked noble, and doesn't like most other dragons. Her favorite weapon is the kusarigama, and she despises the royal family. She is against royalty in general, and favors meritocratic oligarchy. However, she is moderately pacifistic, and she doesn't kill unless she dislikes the target personally. She is distrustful of any RainWing, as neutrality disturbs her. She also hates the color orange, calamari, and freshwater, although the reasons are unknown. She, for unknown reasons, idolizes Whirlpool, and will tell random dragons why Whirlpool is the greatest dragon in recorded history.

A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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