A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Name:Sub zero

Age: ???

Tribe: IceWing

Family: Father of Peak. Grandfather of Frost Fire.



Sub Zero is an old IceWing. His wings are wrinkled from the frosty winds in the Ice Kingdom. His scales are moon white like Frost Fire's. He has pale yellow eyes like the sun. His front left leg is missing, and instead of having a leg of flesh and bones, his leg is made of crystalized ice. Sub Zero has a tall and slim frame.              


Sub Zero is a wise, intelligent IceWing. He has extensive knowledge of other tribes and the happenings. He never gets frustrated and is always calm with others. He may get a sad expression when there someone mentions Lucretia, Frost Fire's mother or his mate which is unknown. He will gladly help others who need it and defend his home.


Sub Zero was younger when Peak brought the young Frost Fire to him so Peak could fight in the war. Sub Zero did not have the crystalized leg when Frost fell ill and a chunk of crystal attatched to Sub zeros leg and formed the crystal leg.When Frost Fire fell ill and it was found out he had animus power is the Claws of the clouds mountains Sub Zero felt a change.He smiled to himself he hoped for frost he and his friedns were well.Sub can somtimes view the land when he is in a sleep and his mind can wander across the land and he saw Frost.Now he is viewing Frost on his adventures.


  • Can view the land with his mind when in a sleep
  • Is a skilled potion user
  • Is a subtle fighter


  • He lives in a snow hut and people who have visited Sub Zero have said there is a sense of magic. Dragons say that his hut moves each time someone visits.