Strongthought is a NightWing and another OC of Talonsofpeace123.


Strongthought is extremely different than a normal NightWing. He is a gray with an indigo underside and startling dark brown eyes. He wears glasses and is usually holding a scroll, an animal of some sort, or a notebook. 


Strongthought is a nervous, intelligent, and lonely student. He is crowded by too many female NightWings for his intelligence and handsomeness. Imagine having 10 different marriage proposals! (No, that doesn't happen in real life) He does aim in becoming a zoologist. He is usually picked on by the other NightWing boys because of his scale color.


Strongthought has an exceptional mind reading/telepathy power. He has very few visions, and most do not make any sense. He also has very weak fire, and isn't so good at night time ambush, due to his coloration. He does have a strange connection to animals.


Strongthought was born in the Rain Kingdom. It might have been the humidity, or the sunlight or something like that, because he was born with a different coloration. At birth, he was just curious as he is now. Then, 3 years later, after his sister Crafter was born, he finds himself with an older step-sister, Venisonbringer, an expert hunter and a new mother. His life becomes hard to understand, but still is curious to figure out more.

Currently, Strongthought is the newest cosmologist for the Global Alliance of Scientific Personnel. This is the only other science he excels now.