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Stream fullbody
Background Information
Creator Typhoonflame
Page Coder Wings-of-Bloodfire
Aliases insert
Main Attribute insert
Elemental Attribute water
Theme Animal dragon
Theme Color blue, green
Theme Song insert
Character Information
Age 7 dragon years
Gender female
Preference demisexual
Occupation student
Tribe SeaWing
Goal to go finish school and get a job
Residence Jade Academy
Relatives Tidalwave (father), Pearl (mother)
Allies insert
Enemies insert
Likes reading, drawing, hunting
Dislikes being judged, being pitied, liars, injustice
Powers and abilities canon SeaWing abilities
Weapons talons, fangs
Ships insert


"insert quote"

Stream is a dark and light blue dragoness with a light green and blue ruff and green eyes.


"insert quote"

Kind- when takes a liking to someone, she'll care about them and help them out. She tries to help anyone she can, but is always careful, you never know if dragons could use you.

Loyal- she's fiercely loyal to her few friends, especially to her mother as she basically made her who she is and took care of her.

Determined- When Stream sets her mind on something, she'll work on it until she's accomplished it. However, she can get discouraged by obstacles and often needs to be reassured things will turn out alright before she can continue.

Anxious- She has three phobias: not being able to make dirt, not being able to urinate and vomiting out of pure fear. She's also always afraid of messing up and speaking in front of large crowds.

Hot-tempered- Despite her asocial nature, if someone is aggressive towards her or says something that hurt her, even a tiny bit, she's very likely to snap at them.


"insert quote"

Stream was born in the Sea Kingdom to Tidalvawe and Pearl. However, she hatched three weeks too early and had brain bleeding, which left her with cerebral palsy. She even died and had to be reanimated. They named the dragonet Stream as the sea streams bring life to everything in the Sea Kingdom. Her parents had been devastated at first, but her mother decided that moping around wasn't the answer and so she exercised with her every day. Despite their fears, Stream excelled at Aquatic, lighting up her stripes very well from the very beginning. Swimming was't an issue either as her wings worked reasonably well, she was just bad at flying and walking. Later on, she was discovered to have osteoporosis.

Many dragons have judged young Stream in her rather short lifetime. However, she stayed determined to prove them all she's a worthy member of the society by learning how to read on her own, reading mostly fantasy and history scrolls not written by Coral. She's been told by her parents that it was all Coral's propaganda, but even so, sometimes there are bits of truth in the Queen's scrolls, she just never tells her parents those thoughts. She has very few friends, but those she has, she cherishes. She was taught most of the things she knows by her parents, the rest came from those aforementioned scrolls. She also learned to draw which helps with her semi-bad motorical skills. She's semi-good at hunting, but she isn't the fastest swimmer around, so prey escapes her quite easily if she's not focused.

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