is a 7 year old male SwiftWing


Stormcloud was a happy SwiftWing, he loved his siblings and parents until his sister, Faintwave, became an assassin and killed their parents. Stormcloud forced himself into depression and moved into a dark cave, where he could let out all his sorrows. Stormcloud only left when needed, as he saw seeing a happy SwiftWing reminded him of himself at a younger age. 

At the age of 5, his brother went missing, suspected to be killed by Faintwave. The only thing keeping him alive is the thought that one day, someone will love him. 


Stormcloud has depressed deep blue eyes that glow in the dark. His feathered main is a baby blue, almost white. Stormcloud's main scales are completely black, and his stripe is white.

Stormcloud was born with fragile talons, and the tips broke off soon after he hatched.


Stormcloud was happy and grateful for everything he had, until his sister ruined his life. Stormcloud is now a depressed dragon, not seeking out anything good in life. He has thought of suicide many times, but has not committed it yet because one day, a dragon might love him.

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