"If it's not a triangle, does it really exist?"


"Dabs myself into oblivion"


Some study astrophysics or a field in quantum mechanics, some study in fields that are barely comprehensible to normal dragons. But, of course, you ask about what I want to study? Well, I guess I want to comprehend what allows us to comprehend.
The brain is the only organ of the body we do not know every secret of, every nook and cranny of. And that intrigues me. The brain is like space, like the depths of our oceans to us. We know nothing about them compared to our knowledge of other topics. Neurons and nerves and gray matter, yet it contains more than the sum of its parts.
I want to comprehend why.

T H E - G R A Y - P A W N
infinite potential - infinite possibilities - infinite games
Stormbreak is an intelligent young dragon with ambitious goals, dragons to overtake, and things to prove. They are NightStrike’s dragonsona.

Aliases Storm, Icarus
Attribute brain processes
Element lightning / mercury
Animal feline
Plant mint; hydrangea
Colors gray / gold
Songs see playlist
Alignment true neutral
Age 8 / 15
Gender ⚲ - ♂️- ♀️
Orientation demisexual
Occupation part-time barista
Tribe sky / sea
Residence Nightcry
Relatives Akua; Adrenaline; Maverick
Allies situational
Enemies situational
Powers fast flight; gills
Weapons intelligence; knives
#1 106% on psychology final
#2 ~1000 page textbook read in four days
#3 knowledge of science and math
#4 pranking everything
#5 3rd place in martial arts tournament
minds are interesting

Stormbreak is not at all what you'd expect the child of two vibrant tribes to look like.

They are gray, dark and bland and everything some refuse to see. Hints of blacks and whites may occasionally splash their scales near their spine and underbelly, but they are overall the grayest of grays.

Their scales appear like skin from a distance, but from inches away they are diamond shaped and as sleek and rough as sharkskin. The scales on their back resemble a snake's in terms of elasticity. They are a combination of unwanted creatures, at least, they see themselves as such with their smirking face and the tricks always up their sleeve.

They have few markings, but these markings are vibrant where their main form is not, coming in golds and blues and reds. Their ice blue eyes shine like the dim electric glow of neon signs in the night. They are a almost a warning sign on the streets, after all. Strangers give them weird looks.

Maybe it's careful way they walk, or the fact that they look like they always have something urgent to get to, or to their expressionless face, like a mask. They are quite a mystery to some, even in appearance alone.

Their attire can vary from formal to baggy to patterned and colorful. They have no apparent consistency in outfit choice but their love of feathers, jewelry, and black-as-night headphones.

powered by the same electrons as lightning

Stormbreak's mind is their most prized possession. It is much more vibrant than their scales and can focus on many things at once, and is never silent.

The gears are always turning, and they are always planning. They would like for others to see this meticulous brain of theirs, but yet, they would not. Maybe they just want their intelligence acknowledged for once instead of their bluntness.

But, alas, sociality is something that most perceive as a necessity that Stormbreak just doesn't see the meaning behind. They will play the social game, and perhaps even win at it a few times, sure, but they despise it so.

They despise being labelled as things they're not based on the way they say things and not on what the meaning behind it is. They are not insensitive, no, they just don't have sugarcoating inborn into their pattern of thought.

They pride themselves in logic and knowledge, but they do find enjoyment in a few other things, such as pranking and their own special brand of humor. They especially love making puzzles and references to dragons to connect the dots, almost excessively so, but few figure out their meanings, which can cause the hybrid great sadness.

They do this to an almost unhealthy point, where they are coding their mental state and what they want of others in dots for others to connect instead of saying it outright.

Their pranks also follow this format, and can have hidden meanings behind the scares or the chaos caused. Because, at their core, Stormbreak is quite an organized dragon. But their order may well be another's chaos. As long as Storm can see all the steps ahead and to their goals and intentions, that is order.

These pranks can also be a part of their humor, which can be morbid, witty, and cynical all in one. It's a pity no one cares for their funny side much.

Their inflections can be monotonous when dealing with dragons at a distance but are normally varied when talking to or of something of great importance to them. They may also put on different social masks to suit the situation.

They hold their emotions at a distance sometimes, and they are a master at holding down what they feel, though others perceive their emotionlessness as anger. Stormbreak is easily frustrated by these false perceptions, which just perpetuates the cycle they started.

They hate themselves mostly; especially when they fail to contain an outburst or attack of emotion, anxiety, or panic. They have many mental issues that need a working through, but they would not elaborate more than this.

they can posses as much depth as the void

Stormbreak has many skills, some that are almost inborn at this point, and some that they still practice. They prefer to be good at something before they show the skill in public, so they can seem good or at least average at everything from a glance.

Their most glaring strength is their startling intelligence. Their clockwork mind behind their gleaming eyes is capable of so much, and they are much more intelligent and mature than the average dragon of their age that it is almost terrifying when they use these traits. They are leagues above, and consider college neuroscience textbooks as casual reading material.

They prefer the field of psychology (and neuroscience) above other science fields, but they are almost naturally knowledgeable in any science field you may drop them in. Mathematics is a learned discipline, but they are also good in it.

They are also an exceptional liar, as they are a writer, a storyteller, and a secret keeper. Their planning mind always helps them keep lies consistent and they are able to get around fully lying by twisting truths or not telling the full story. They are excellent at playing around with words, though it is in their morals not to twist facts in logical debate. Any other situation is open for lies, to them, though.

As far as tribal abilities go, Stormbreak got a mixed bag. They have no breath weapons, but they can breathe underwater and can fly very fast. They use these skills on almost a daily basis, so they remain strong and ready for use should the hybrid need them.

They are also decent at combat and fighting with weapons, as you have to be when venturing into the West alone. They are an excellent fight and chess strategist, so if they plan a battle beforehand, you will likely lose. However, when separated from their weapons and if they have no terrain or obstacles to use against you, it is easy to overpower them.

Stormbreak also has very acute hearing and sense of touch, developed from sneaking around without sight and their somewhat poor visual abilities (even in broad daylight). Their eyes are adapted to dim light and darkness, and they have almost complete night vision.

However, their daylight vision sucks. They have an awareness of air currents and use their photographic memory to memorize settings easily, which can help them not die when flying at breakneck speeds. Though, they do find a way to bump into everything while calmly walking lost in thought, so these skills are imperfect.

Stormbreak is also a decent artist and writer. They typically mentally profile dragons using this skill. They can be quite predictive.

They don't always use these skills for good. They are a prankster and planner, after all.

conscious is alive and varied

Stormbreak will typically not let other dragons see them struggle, and as a result, it can appear (from a distance), that they have no weaknesses or flaws whatsoever. This is far from the truth. Storm is just very accomplished at hiding what they don't want others to see. Bury it all underneath layers of puzzles, logic, and effortless question dodging.

They are not good at anything to do with sugarcoating, though they are excellent at faking it. They have a hard time being genuine when thanking or comforting others though, if they do not truly mean it. They also have trouble making friends, as they can be quite detached but also clingy simultaneously. They do better with making friends over the internet.

Storm is also an introvert, and can be very snappy and can struggle with keeping up their masks when under intense social pressure or when they have been out of one of their "alone" areas for too long. Certian dragons and personalities exhaust them more than others, though.

Sometimes, they also find it hard to accomplish tasks that are pointless or when they have no motivation to do them. These tasks are a burden on their mental state and can tire them out as quickly as any social interaction.

Stormbreak is also an insomniac, which can cause them to be quite tired and lethargic, and combined with social exhaustion, enough pressure can send them spiraling into a depressive state if the pressure keeps up, which can just end up making everything worse.

Stormbreak also has a wariness of other's expectations of them. Especially when these expectations are based off of something Storm is not. These expectations can frustrate them, make them cry, make them genuinely mad, and make them feel generally like giving up.

They do not like preconceptions that others have of them and will violently defend themselves with logic when one is brought up, almost to the point of discarding trying to be polite to gain something from it.

Stormbreak also has abandonment, betrayal, and self worth issues, but they would never pour that out to anyone they didn't know closely. They dislike amusement parks and fairs.

Storm also has an irrational fear of churches, but will go in one to further their goals. It just causes them great discomfort.

and it can fathom moral and immoral

Stormbreak lives close to the West, and by extension, the Ghost Forest. Since they are smart and also a collector of street-trinkets and urban decay photos, they have gathered (and built) themselves some weapons. They are also skilled at using them.

These weapons are made from stolen or cheaply-bought tech (shipped right in from Infinitesimal sometimes!) and are each one-of-a-kind. They do not make many nor do they sell these weapons. It makes them uncomfortable to use them for anything other than self defense or necessary action.

The main blades they always have are all retractable and are easily concealed by clothing or other accessories. These modified switchblades also have electrical capabilities and are tinkered with by Stormbreak's own hand, making them extremely efficient. They can put out differing charges by reading Storm's pulse and nerves.

There are two knives that are concealed at Storm's wrists, able to come out with a flick or purposeful tense of the muscles. The left blade is serrated and painful while the right blade is sharper and meant for surprise and deadly attacks. Both blades are equally dangerous, however.

Their most deadly switchblade is on their tail. It has the most electrical energy and can easily kill with the power up high enough. It is made for stabbing and slashing. It is thick, and while wielded by the SeaWing-strength tail of the hybrid, it can cause serious damage. It can also be covered easily if the hybrid folds the fins on their tail down on it.

Storm also has a pistol and a few other knives that they keep cleverly concealed in their pockets and leather jacket. Separating them from their weapons is hard, but it's even harder to spot their weapons until they are revealed.

a mind has memories that are as fluid as tides

Storm doesn't really see a point in talking about the past, and they always summarize everything shortly anyways, so the details almost always elude them.

Maybe if they make a lifechanging discovery they'll care about a biography.

Stormbreak had an almost normal dragonethood. They lived alone with Akua for most of their life (they vaguely remember their father being seen a few times, but only from snuck glances from the doorcrack of their room), but there were a few hints and dashes of traumatic events, and that led to Storm developing anxiety when they were very young. Their current mental state is shaped heavily by some specific past events.

They don't like dwelling on the past too much, but they have always felt the need to prove themselves and accomplish something more with their life. They were always aware that it was going to be a short life.

They would much rather focus on the future. Their future. Any maybe impact the rest of dragonkind along with it.

or emotions as sharp and quick as an ice fall

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Blood Moon: text

Calignis: Storm is not sure how to feel about the other hybrid, since he is a friend of Elena and the two have only just started to become friends, but they admire his intelligence and his dedication to the Nightcry swim team. Neutral relationship.

Ciel: Has not interacted. Not enough information to make a conclusion. Neutral relationship.

Element: text

Elena: Elena is one of Storm's best friends. The two are always up to something, and Storm is always keen on helping Elena with her goals. Storm appreciates her as a friend and hopes that they have many more fun times to come. Positive relationship.

Emu: Storm doesn’t really know them that well, but they do know that the dragon is not around as much as they used to be. Neutral relationship.

Iceberry: text

Infinity: The two constantly chat over voice software about some thing or other, and they have many plans and ideas that they hope to one day execute. However, Storm would like to be closer with the younger dragoness. Positive relationship.

Jacaranda: 🅱️latonic wife. We stan. Bus asmr for life.

Jargon: Stormbreak considers Jargon at least an acquaintance, and considers her as someone to talk to when they are bored. They help Jargon a lot and have no qualms with any of them. Positive relationship.

Jubilee: text

Nell: Storm finds them mildly interesting. They used to know Nell more but they left for a long period of time, so Storm is quite distant to them. Neutral positive relationship.

Peachy: text

Peak: Storm thinks they are a good-hearted dragon, but is fine with the fact that they don’t know eachother personally. Neutral relationship.

Red: text

Saburra: Storm has a complaicted opinion on Saburra, and would rather not reveal it. Negative relationship.

Sabotage: Stormbreak barely knows them, and does not really have any initiative currently to know them better. Neutral relationship.

Semicolon: Are the dog closed? But we all know for sure the majesty of the black margic and the 🅱️alidity of 🅱️omnus. Perhaps the dog will one day be closed, but Semicolon will always be of the friendly variety. Positive relationship.

Tuatara: Storm likes talking to Tara. They haven't talked too much, so Storm has yet to form too much of an opinion, but overall it's going good. Positive/neutral relationship.

Von: Storm has not interacted enough with Von directly, but some things they heard make them wary. They would rather gather more information before forming an opinion and interacting with the hybrid. Neutral relationship.

Wings: Wings is a strong figure in Storm's life, though the two talk less due to the Sky/Night hybrid being in college and storm taking an excessive amount of AP classes. They do have eachother's phone numbers and text occasionally. Positive/neutral relationship.

and I seek


  • They don't like to be reminded of past mistakes.
  • They are of house Slytherin.
  • They see themselves as not good, but not evil.
  • They admire and empathize with the concept of fallen angels.
  • They are an insomniac.
  • They are a good actor and can fake being others quite well, just not on a stage.
  • They dream of living on a snowy mountain.
  • Storm works as a barista and cashier at a coffee shop. They prefer the cashier job.
  • They do not really like dogs
  • Contrary to popular belief, Storm does not like being called edgy. There is much more to them than that.
  • They would much more prefer to be called intelligent or thoughtful, but beggars can't be choosers.
to unravel their secrets

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&Run | Sir Sly
2am | Sir Sly
Angel On Fire | Halsey
Anti-Gravity | RUNAGROUND
Bangs | Brick + Mortar
Blinding | Florence + The Machine
Breath of Life | Florence + The Machine
Burning Pile | Mother Mother
Cold Cold Cold | Cage the Elephant
Crazy=Genius | Panic! At the Disco
Drinking Lightning | AWOLNATION
Empty Gold | Halsey
Expectations | Sir Sly
Fences | Paramore
Fireworks | First Aid Kit
Fourth of July | Fall Out Boy
Ghost | Halsey
Girl With One Eye | Florence + The Machine
Gold | Imagine Dragons
Gold | Sir Sly
King Of The Clouds | Panic! At the Disco
Isle of Flightless Birds | twenty one pilots
Implicit Demand For Proof | twenty one pilots
Leaving Tonight | The Neighbourhood
Little Pistol | Mother Mother
Mechanical Planet | VERDIA
Monster | Paramore
Natural | Imagine Dragons
Pretender | Steve Aoki
Oh Ana | Mother Mother
O My Heart | Mother Mother
Release | Imagine Dragons
Say Amen | Panic! At the Disco
Shake Me Down | Cage the Elephant
Shelter | Cloudeater
Summer | Imagine Dragons
Teeth | Cage the Elephant
The First Stone | Sir Sly
The Last of the Real Ones | Fall Out Boy
This Ain’t a Scene, It's an Arms Race | Fall Out Boy
Up in Flames | Ruelle
White Teeth Teens | Lorde
Winter Is All Over You | First Aid Kit

Are the Dog Closed | Google Translate - English to Latin

Semicolon, yuh