Stringray is TsunamiTheSeaWing's OC. You may not use her without my permission or knowledge, or I will inform an admin and you will be banned.


A typical Seawing. Art by Joy Ang.


Stringray is a navy blue SeaWing with medium blue wings and underbelly. Her eyes are a clear, light blue. She's six years old, and slightly above average size for her age. Though she looks exactly like any other SeaWing, she has telepathy, like the NightWings. She has only told a precious few about this, including Queen Coral. The cause of this is unknown however, though some suspect that one of her parents is a NightWing. She is quite strong for a SeaWing of her age, and this is partly because she trains to be a warrior, though she's still a bit too young to fight in the war.


Stringray is bossy, outspoken, very intelligent, and loves to be right. Some SeaWings suspect this may partly be because she was raised by Queen Coral, and so thinks everyone should listen to her, but there dare not say so in front of Stringray or their queen. Her dream is to become a famous warrior or captain of the war.


Abandoned at a young age, it is unknown who her parents were, and though Stringray tries not to think about it, she misses them dearly. She was adopted by Queen Coral soon after she was orphaned. She once asked Coral about her parents, but didn't get the answers she was looking for. She was found as a tiny hatchling hiding in a cave splattered with blood. Coral told her that her parents must have escaped if they were anywhere near as smart as their daughter, but Stringray only responded by saying "Then why did they did they leave me to die?!" and stomped off. She hasn't asked about her parents since. Some SeaWings suspect that one of her parents was a NightWing, because of her telepathy, and that some dragon had murdered her parents because of their "forbidden love". This rumor was quickly silenced as soon as Queen Coral caught word of it, but some SeaWings still believe it.


Her best friend is Moonwalker, whom she visits via a portal.