Steep is a female IceWing dragonet, she was mostly teased for how she looks and her unusual wings, but when she became champion Snowboarder, nobody teased her anymore


Steep has unusual disabled wings, the wing skin is attached to her legs, back legs to tail (based off wing suit). She has green eyes, Icewing talons with blue markings on them, blue scales and white underscales, white markings on her legs and wings. Steep's wing membrane is blue with a white stripe at the bottom of them, along with ice blue spots in the corners.


Steep is a fun loving dragon, she loves snowboarding and Watching snow fall.


While still an egg, her parents abandoned her, she was able to listen to them before they threw her off a cliff into the snow, She remembers the words, “She’ll be useless... I’ve seen her in this shell, she doesn’t have any wings, how will a dragon survive?” from her mother, “Then, we throw the egg off this cliff, even if the dragonet survives the fall, it’ll die of starvation and thirst if the animals don’t get to it first. We already have Hailstorm and Icicle and... Winter,” from her father, a minute before Steep felt like she was spinning and a loud Thump in the snow.

Days later, she was found by Mint and Sleet.



Mint is Steep's foster mother, she is pale mint green with a white underbelly and dark blue eyes and icy blue claws, she has dark blue freckles on her snout, her spikes are pale green she wears a diamond necklace and diamond earrings, she is 19 years old.


Sleet is Steep's foster father, he is silver with a pale icy underbelly, his eyes are dark brown and has icy blue spikes, and grey claws. He is 23 years old.


Pine is Steep's adoptive sister, she is pure white with a blue nose and eyes, she has dark blue freckles on her snout and a scar running across her chest. Pine is very hyper and playful, she loves Steep more than anyone. Pine is 9 years old.


Char is Steep's adoptive brother, he is pale grey with dark green eyes and minty green spikes, his nose is dark blue and Char has a scar on his tail and tiny scars on his brows where he fought his sisters. Char is 6 years old.