Steam is a 8 year-old SeaWing. (And he belongs to Shadow Silver, so no touchy)


Steam didn't have the best life, his mother was caring, but his father barely took care of them. Steam was the older one, being five unlike the rest of the five dragonets who were three. One horrible day, Clam, Steam's father, coninced him that his siblings would assassinate him in the night, and he should kill them before. What he was doing was, Clam had killed almost all of the eggs, when they hatched, he twisted their neck, Coral was looking for the killer and so was her husband, SeaWeed. Clam, of course, didn't want to die, so he would blame Steam for his crimes, and he would have 'evidence'. At night, there was a horrible storm, Steam killed his siblings in gruesome ways, twisting their necks, and ripping their gills. Clam told Coral that Steam had killed her babies, of course, the couple was furious. So Clam, Coral, and SeaWeed stormed off to Steam. When Steam was finished, he saw the furious couple hanging over him. Coral and SeaWeed attempted to kill him, but thankfully, he barely escapes. He is still haunted by their screams of terror.


Steam is ashamed of himself of believing his father. He is indepedent. However, he is a terrible fighter. Steam would rather be alone, in a small depression.


Steam has mint green scales, but his secondary scales are a skyblue. His scales are actually a mixture of mint and sky blue. His eyes are electric green.