Starlight is one of my NightWing OCs. Please do not copy her, because I might have to have Nightshade use digital poison if you do. Thank you for reading this.


Starlight's parents are mostly unknown. Nightshade's mother found Starlight's mother, mortally wounded, outside her cave. Starlight's mom asked for her to take care of the dragonet, telling her to name it Starlight. Nightshade's mother took it in, and fulfilled Starlight's mother's dying wish. She lived with Coldsoul (who use to dissect worms with his teeth), Nightshade (who poisoned dragons who were grieving to 'return them to peace), and Separateheart (who thought he was Morrowseer). When they were adults, they kicked Coldsoul out after he tried to perform plastic surgery on Separateheart. Now, they never speak of him.

Starlight herself is a normal-looking NightWing, except for a few things. She has forest-green eyes that are startling when you first look at them. There are some stars that are not on her wings, but on her body. She has an anklet of silver scales on her right (dominant) ankle, some stars encircling her tail-tip, and a couple patches of stars mixed with colors, like nebulae. She is very smart, but somewhat self-conscious. She can be very philosophical, sometimes meditating and reflecting over what dragons are taking for granted. She likes making other dragons laugh, and even would do weird stuff to make them laugh, like giving tips on 'how to survive a nightmare' (Step 1: Use common sense, et cetera). She doesn't talk much, but when she does, it's best to listen. Whatever she says, she really means it.


  • Starlight's personality is based on my own. Starlight's bio, however, is NOT like my bio. Her bio is based off of a character in a play.
  • Starlight's parents are not currently known, but it is known that she is NOT the daughter of Battlewinner.
  • Nightshade, Separateheart, and Coldsoul all hated chocolate. Starlight loves it, but can't really eat it all the time, since Nightshade destroys it whenever she sees it.
  • Starlight, not being an actual member of the family, is the only one that isn't crazy. She, however, was convinced she was crazy because she was unaware she wasn't related to them. She was convinced she had bad blood running through her veins, and tried to reduce contact with other dragons because of it. She was afraid that her bad blood might surface any moment... Thus, she lived in absolute paranoia. Then, she found out from Nightshade herself that she wasn't related to them. She was extremely pleased to hear it.


Starlight as a human. Drawn by Tundra.