Stargazer is a white and black NightWing/IceWing hybrid with twisted black horns, blue on the underside of his wings and blue eyes. His twisted horns and odd coloration are due to his father being a NightWing IceWing hybrid. He wears a silver necklace with an unidentified aqua colored jewel.


Stargazer was hatched on a snowy peak with his mother and father both present. His mother decided to take him to the volcano to raise with the other NightWings, where he grew up unknowing of his hybrid nature. He was constantly picked on because of his scale color, to the point where he would dust himself in charcoal every day to hide his white scales. One day, his mother had been knocked out by the dragonets who would pick on him, and she was dragged to a lava pit and her right arm was thrown in, burning it. Thankfully, Stargazer got there in time and pulled the rest of her out. He took her into the healer's and stayed with her while she was taught to walk on 3 legs. He discovered while aiding his mother that he could actually read her mind while touching her. After the NightWing Exodus, instead of submitting to Queen Glory, he respectfully told her that his mother wanted to find his father, who supposedly lived near the Ice Kingdom border and that he would follow her.


-He shouldn't be white due to him being only 1/4 IceWing but it looks good mmkay

-The contact mind reading was suggested by Thundercloud the Hybrid on discord