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Starfish the SeaWing

Starfish, looking good

Incinorator's OC. Do not use without permision!


Starfish is very adventurous and imaginative. She will sometimes sit and gaze at the sky for hours, not responding to anything. She loves the water, and likes to keep schools of fish as pets until other dragons find and catch them (she does NOT like this).


Starfish is a pale teal with blue spots covering her. Her wing flaps are green, with tints of ice blue. She can usually be seen (if she is in or anywhere near) the water.


Starfish has all the normal SeaWing powers. She can also communicate with sea animals/ birds, breathe water, and is somewhat resistant to fire (only on her body and head).

Relationships and Quotes

Starfish has a secret crush on SkyHawk.

"Hello there, little fish! What brings you here?"

"Yes… (talking into distance, she is having a daydream)"

"That is dangerous, Mr.Fish! Don't go over there!"

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