Starfinder is  Aquila123's original character, and you may not use her without her creator's permission. If you want to use her, tell Aquila123 on her message wall, and she will almost certainly say yes.

Starfinder is a four-year-old dragonet. She is a NightWing, but she has extra silver scales. In fact, the silver scales outnumber the black scales. She has a poisonous bite, like all NightWings, and she can see the future, but only vaguely. 


Starfinder hatched as the volcano on the NightWing island erupted for the first time. Her parents were badly wounded by the lava. They managed to fly to the mainland with Starfinder, but they were attacked by MudWings at the edge of the rainforest. Starfinder was left there. Afraid, she ran into the trees and hid. The RainWings took her in. She learned how to fly through the dense trees, shoot a dart gun, pick out fruits, and hunt for flowers. She has her own sloth, named Fruitcake. Like a RainWing, Starfinder loves fruit and does not ever eat animals like a typical NightWing. 


Starfinder is extremely excitable. She is one of those dragons that could have a half-hour conversation with a tree. She is hyperactive and is almost always happy. Starfinder loves to mess around and play practical jokes. She is unswervingly loyal to the RainWing tribe, though, despite her crazy attitude. Starfinder is also fairly intelligent, but you can't always tell when she is going hyper. She will defend her friends ferociously if they are attacked.

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This art was created using a game by KennonInk. It is not the original work of the uploader.


A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.