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Note! Starchaser, and any other dragons mentioned in this and my other OCs' pages are my own characters and anything here that appears elsewhere is purely coincidental.

Starchaser is a mostly black NightWing with midnight blue scales on his snout and under his wings. He has silver teardrop scales behind his gray-blue eyes, as he hatched under two moons.

He is the son of Queen Nightstar, and, like her and his sister, Princess Starfall, is a descendant of the first NightWing animus.


Starchaser hatched in the NightWing city under 2 moons, giving him the ability to see the future and read minds.

When he first entered school, he was often scolded by his teachers (specifically, those that taught him how to use his mind reading and precognition) for having an active imagination and for "being to visionary". His classmates also bullied him, and it continued even when his parents got jobs inside the palace. In defending himself, he became a cunning-and often brutal-fighter. He was noted by Starfury to be exceptional in combat, and was eventually made the Queen's top assassin.

During his involvement in trying to stop the DarkWings from conquering Pyrrhia, Starchaser was beaten into unconsciousness by a DarkWing soldier. Despite surviving, his friends could not wake him up. When they decided to carry him back to their camp, they were ambushed by a DarkWing patrol, and Starchaser was dropped and unable to regain consciousness when it happened. His friends were forced to retreat, and he was presumed dead. Unknown to them, he had been rescued by the scavengers hiding out in the ruins they had been flying over. Starchaser woke up to find himself healed but unable to remember his identity before the accident. Settling on the name "Endgame", he eventually recovered in the Scavengers' care. When he was well, he left the Scavengers and thanked them, before flying into the mountains.

Personality and abilities

Starfury is very smart, creative, and kind within the Night Kingdom, but outside of the NightWing City, he is very mysterious. As a assassin, he has kept his name secret from others and is often known to his enemies by the name "Silencer".

Starchaser hatched under two moons, so he has the ability to read minds and is also a Seer. He is an animus, but he doesn't realize it until he is 14. He is also a shapeshifter, but he doesn't find this out until he finds out he's an animus, and he usually only chooses to change into a dragon from another tribe. As Queen Nightstar's top assassin, he is skilled in combat, but is also not afraid to fight dirty.

Distinguishing features

Starchaser is mostly black, with bluish-black on his underscales and snout. He has blue-grey eyes and more silvery horns than other NightWings. The star-scales under his wings are arranged in patterns similar to the constellations, the most prominent formation taking the form of the Big Dipper. Having hatched under two moons, he has silver teardrop scales behind his eyes.

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