Ember and star

Star and Ember. Made by 16

Star is a female NightWing created by Mysterygirl000 and she is the main protagonist of the fanfiction Across the Stars. As a young dragonet, she dares to venture out of her hidden NightWing kingdom to see the world. But when she discovers that the world of Pyrrhia is in ruins, she, along with her best friend, Ember, and her future SandWing mate, Spike, embark on a treacherous journey to solve the riddle.

Star is a daring dragonet. While fighting is never her first instinct, she'd never refrain from protecting her little sister and Spike. Her friends are Zodia, Ember, Spike, Stargazer, Onyx, Ebony, and Beauty. It is later revealed that Star has children that are half NightWing, half SandWing. She has two sons named Shadow Shift and Black Fire, and two daughters named Rain Shade and ???



Stuffed's depiction of Star (took this with a jacked-up camera got to wait for a scanner)

Across the stars1
Across the stars3

Star on the cover of Across the Stars.