Star was hatched in a extremely rare tribe. She knew her kind will die off becuse of their scale cost. At the age of 4 her whole tribe was under attack from hunters she was frightend soon she was attacked. She fought the best she could and eventuly killed the hunter.10 hunters where after her but her dad jumped in and told her to fly to the moons. She tried her best to fly up there but her wings weren't fast enough. After a few years her wings where extremely strong for flying all the time even in her sleep she flew up as fast as she could to the middle moon but for some reason she could breathe in space. When she got to the moon she started getting new powers or scales became very black and hard with claws to rip metal. When star was 13 she laid 7 eggs 6 died and 1 survived the survivors egg was hard with scales. Star sent her egg to pyrrhia and killed any threat to the egg that had the egg within their talons. She vowed to protect the egg until it hatches and let none come in space.


Star is protecting her egg and space she also lies on the moon in a crater when she sleeps or bored she has been on all 3 moons and takes home of a diffrent one every month