Stalacicle is a mutant IceWing and is one of the Four Flames. He is a protagonist in the fanfiction "Wings of Fire: The Four Flames Saga." He may not be used without the permission of his owner.

Stalacicle Headshot



Stalacicle is white with extremely light blue underscales (almost completely white). His eyes and the inside of his mouth are both black. His mane and wings are a darker blue than his underscales.

Stalacicle, despite being an IceWing, is extremely sweet and kind to every other Flame. He thinks of his team as a family and if anyone is hurt he tries to help them. He doesn't really like fighting but will defend his friends with his life. He is also very creative and enjoys writing, songwriting and drawing, but isn't very smart.

Theme Song:

"By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North.


Stalacicle has normal Icewing powers: can survive subzero temperatures and blinding light. He can also breathe deadly freezing breath. He has serrated claws to grip ice and deal extra damage. He has also has the bizarre mutant ability to extract/sheathe his talons like a cat.


SOLAR FLARE: He treats Solar Flare like an eldest sister and looks up to her. He would defend her no matter the cost. He also likes to make her happy and regrets not doing so.


An old drawing of Stalacicle

CLOUDFIRE: He doesn't like Cloudfire's snobbiness but views him as a brother nonetheless and would save his life if he could. He admires how smart the Skywing is.

SUPERIOR: Despite Nightwings and Icewings being enemies in the wild, Stalacicle is desperately in love with this dragoness. He is heartbroken later on when the dragoness tells him her true feelings and mates another dragon later on in her life.

GAIA: Stalacicle is a little disappointed that the Mudwing is not his real mother but he appreciates what she has done for him and loves her anyways.


"Aww come on guys don't fight, we'll be there tomorrow, Icewing's promise!"

"Three moons! Cloudfire, that gash! Are you okay? I'll get some ice to numb it."

"Oh I like that. It's cool."

"I- I do, it's just... well... I'm not going in there without you guys."


He is a physical representation of the true color Blue.

Stalacicle is the youngest of the Four Flames.

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