By Sunnythesandwingfan23


"You are now old enough to become a spy for us," a broad SandWing told her. "Queen Blister will enjoy your services. You are loyal, swift, cunning, and the best from our test." He continued. "Sunbeam, you are our newest spy!" Sunbeam beamed. "Oh thank you so much! I have been waiting for this forever! Oh, thank you, Sandstone! I will not let you down!" She said with pride. "Your first mission is to get some Info on the IceWings. One spy said they were planning an attack on us. I need you to investigate." Sandstone ordered. "Now, go." He instructed. "I wont let you down!" Sunbeam assured her. "She's not gonna make it." One spy whispered to another. I'll show them!  Sunbeam thought. 

At the IceWing attack base...

"Were going to attack at midnight, at the back of Blister's base. We first ambush Blisters room with two of our soldiers, and the guards will flood into Blisters room. Then, we come in from the front, and attack the backs of the SandWing soldiers. There is a good chance we can defeat them, and kill Blister. The SeaWings will be forced to ally with us." Sunbeam gasped. An IceWing caught her eye. Oh no. I'm caught.... "Uhm.. sir, could I please  be excused for a minute?" He asked. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no! "You'd better be quick, Snowfury!" "Yes, sir." He came up to the wall I was behind. "Well well well, what do we have here?" The male asked suspiciously. Sunbeam gulped. "I-I..." Sunbeam managed. "Look, your new, aren't you?" He asked. "Yeah..." Sunbeam sheepishly replied. The IceWing grunted. But despise his grunt, there was kindness in his eyes. "I'm Snowfury." Snowfury introduced. "I'm Sunbeam." "Well Sunbeam, I hope to see you again. Now leave. Quickly."