Splinter is an IceWings created by Electrical-Onyx. IT IS ONLY FOR ELECTRICAL-ONYX'S USE!!! DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION


Moon silver scales with some blue streaks. Her extra horns are thinner and longer than some other IceWings. They may also be a bit sharper. She has cold teal eyes and wears a teal glove on one hand.


Splinter is a very unstable dragonet, she is easy to snap and can hold a very long grudges. But if you stay on her good side, she is undoubtedly a very dependable friend and will help whenever she can. She is never one to be very annoying and is very down-to-earth.


While Splinter is not very strong, she makes up for by being very fast. She is excellent at far-range fighting, and knows how to shoot her freezing breath very far. She is also agile and good at dodging. Her close-quarter fighting is absolutely terrible.

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