A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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Splash as a human. By Tide.

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Splash as a cat by Eclipse.

Splash is a male SeaWing who is traveling all over Pyrrhia. He is one of Freezing Inferno's OCs.


Splash has elegant, dark blue scales with a cerulean frost colored underside. Strange, pearly white scales are flecked along his body, like fragmented drops of moonlight on the ocean surface. His eyes and photophores are the same light shade of cobalt, both of which glow with a bright, radiant aura.

Splash is a bit small for his size, but not at all frail; slim and sharp, he can move faster than most other dragons, and with cat-like reflexes, Splash easily makes up for strength with sheer speed. Trying to get a hold of this dragon is like trying to grab mist with your talons: physically impossible.

Black tattoos erupt from the tips of Splash's front talons, forming serine patterns on his claws all the way up to his arms. The same can be said with his horns, which are wrapped with sharp, black, tendril-like imprints, like deadly knives spiraling up a pillar.

He usually wears a black, onyx earring on his right ear along with a black, roped kunai slung around his neck, ready to be pulled off and used at any moment.


A cocky, bold dragon, Splash is the spitting image of a daredevil. Loving to take a challenge, he enjoys doing things that are out of this world. He likes to live on the edge, always taking risks and relishing the feeling of adrenaline. Splash will always take the more dangerous and thrilling route due to the sheer fact that he thinks it would be more fun. Fear of danger or death is nonexistent in this dragon.

The only other thing Splash loves as much as the rush of blood is exploration. He's always dreamed of seeing the spectacular diversity of the continent, ranging from the wondrous glaciers of the Ice Kingdom, the breathtaking views of the Sky Kingdom, the beautiful colors of the Rainforest Kingdom, all the way to the deepest depths of the Kingdom of the Sea. To Splash, Pyrrhia is just a giant, magnificent painting, with each detail waiting to be discovered.