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By Nyxypixie! She looks gorgeous!

Creator Spix227!!
Artist Nyxypixie! Thank you!
Coder forge the hybrid!
Attribute dancing to the waves
Element love
Color blue or red!
Animal parrots!
Song burn the house down- ajr or feels by kevin harris!
Age 13h/5d
Pronouns they/her
Orientation Pansexual/questioning
Occupation artist?
Tribe Rain/Sea
Goal to have a chill life
Residence Feels, Paix
Relatives mum, dad, sis, grams/gramps
Allies frendos!!
Enemies NightWings mostly but not all o them!
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers type here
Weapons type here
Love Interests type here
Quote "ooof"


Otherworldly lives up to the name. She is a average height for her age and average weight. Her build is lightly muscled and rather curvy. She has the body, neck, and head of a RainWing, while her tail, horns, and wings give off her sea dragon heritage. She does have a frill which is nearly twice the size of her head and has not bones. It is sticky and is similar to plastic wrap (if it could change color that is). She has the scales patterns of a RainWing besides the glow scales under her eyes. She has no claws due to chewing them off. OOf also her tail is really long and really thick! Other due to being a hybrid can only change certain colors. She can change them whenever but only colors on the cool side of the spectrum. For some odd reason her frill is an exception being able to change red and yellow as well. Her normal coloring consist of either pastel blue or pastel purple (normally blue). With her frill being the pattern of a scarlet macaws feathers. Her wing membranes 9/10 times are gonna be some random shade of blue, purple, or green. Her accessories are honestly, are pretty low key. She wears any kind of bird feather (normally parrots) earring she can find in her ears, and a small gage in both of ears. She has lots of small gold freckles dotting her cheeks. She is always wearing a charms bracelet. Lots of times she wears random bird feathers tucked behind her ears too.


Other is a rather chill dragoness. She loves to chat and hang out. She is often found at the beach with her friends because she loves them so much. She gets super attached to people. She does however has separation anxiety, and when she doesn't see her friends for along time falls into a super depressed state. Another that sucks about her is that she can hold a grudge for along time. She's working on that though.


Berry!!: One of my first real buds on the wiki! you are my friend and hope to get to know you better!!

Dreams!!: We need to talk more, but I see us as maybe future friends!!

Morpho!!: One my other best buds on the wiki!! I'd say were friends! I love doing art trades with you! We should talk more!!


♥born on the island of Feels

♥normal life on the beach!

♥lots of art

♥gets taken and held hostage by NightWing scientist for 2 months

♥ship that they held her in was sunk

♥lives happily on feels by is a little scared for life


♥hates cheese a lot

♥hates metal boats

♥loves to swim and get sunburn!

♥has minor separation anxiety



Otherworldly ref 2018-19!!

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