By Bog.

A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Speeddemon is an IceWing who appears briefly in Scorched Lands Book One: Uniting. He lives in the time of the Scorching, and first appears chasing a small dragonet down the street with a group of thugs. Wasteland jumps on one of his friends and proceeds to start clawing wildly at Speeddemon. By pure coincidence, Wasteland calls him Speed Demon as they're fighting. He is not a free-runner, and he's not really the fastest ground runner, but he can move the rest of his body faster than any dragon can throw a claw. Later in the book, during the attack of the scavenger army, he seeks out Wasteland and attempts to kill him, but at the last second, Wasteland blasts him with his freezing-death breath. He shatters into four-million pieces, so I don't want to see any bull crap about him coming back and exacting his revenge! He's dead, deal with it! His reasons for chasing the dragonet on the road are unclear.