Art by Joy Ang

Spark is an OC created by Katluvr88 and Hrrdragons99 Please ask us if you want to use her. 

She will feature in an upcoming series by Kat and Hrr.


Spark is fun loving and adventurous. She never been on a "real adventure" but really wants to. She never likes staying in one place. Like the sparks from a flame, she jumps around, from place to place.


Her scales are a pale gold, like a typical SandWing's, but her eyes are not fully black, just the pupil and iris are. On her wings, much like Nanuks, she has a pattern that looks like sun beans reaching out from the tips of her wings down to the bottom. She has no known abilities or flaws.


Spark lived in the Sand Kingdom for a while, but left for a reason she could not remember. A Skywing took her in and raised her with Olympus. They ran away from Scarlet who killed the SkyWing, and since then lived in many places. Her past dosen't bother her though, for she always likes to look ahead.

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