South of the Icewings Picture drawn by Four-Seven-Niner

South is an Icewing and is one of Four-Seven-Niner's main characters.

Please don't steal anything relating to this character, or the character itself.


For an Icewing her age, South is a bit larger than most in size. Her scales are a pale grey-blue colour, shot through with an iridescent white. Another thing that sets her apart from other Icewings, is that her tail, while retaining it's whip-thin end, is covered in jagged spikes. She has average sized wings, the undersides being the same grey-blue as her scales, the tops being an off-white colour. South's eyes are a strange pale silver colour.


South tends to be the more unsympathetic one of the group, preferring to just fight things out instead of talking. She hates being held back, and normally doesn't hesitate to rush into situations.


  • When hit hard enough, the jagged spikes on her tail can produce a clear ringing sound.
  • She's photosensitive, basically meaning that her eyes are sensitive to sudden light changes, unlike most Icewings.



Image drawn by Four-Seven-Niner

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