big WIP made by CopperWingz don't copy or steal. This dragon is apart of Fallout Pyrrhia.


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By Bone


Soulstealer is a dark, almost black purple trickwing. His frills and wings are toxic green that fade into black. His underbelly is a lighter toxic green. The end of his tail is toxic green due to the radiation blast on the trickwing island. He has metal arms and legs. On his metal arms are hidden blades he uses to assassinate other dragons. On his metal limbs are sharp metal frills. His wings are smaller then most dragons because of the toxins. He was a assassin before the fallout.He wears basic survival gear and when he is going to assassinate someone, he wears a black cape with a hood.


Soulstealer has the personality of Deathbringer from the books but his is more strict. He adapted to the toxins in his body which made him more tough than before. He is also very kind to the people that means something to him. He has a hard time trusting other dragons cause he has been kidnapped more than once. Some worst than others.


His normal trickwing venom has turned toxic, meaning other dragons can't breath it in. This venom will sting other dragons eyes and throats. Large quantities of this venom can kill a dragon or mutate them. He doesn't use his venom unless he needs to escape. His metal hands have secret blades and his metal legs have springs on them. These springs help him jump up very high cause his wings tend to fail him. He has a small lazier gun and a crossbow.


He may have highly toxic venom but he is technically a mutation. He has lost his limbs in a explosion and some of his scales are toxic to the touch. (Mostly on the end of his tail.) He had to become stronger to fight the pain of the toxins in his body. Just imagine having a consent headache and the feeling of not wanting to eat food. And the constant feeling of just waking up. He tends to over come these pains with pain killer or with force when pain killer is not available.