2013-04-08 20.47.53

My rough Drawing of A Sparkwing. Me and a friend Collaborated on it.

The Queen of the SparkWings. Will be played by Haytham Kenway.


Soulspark is the first and so far only Queen of the SparkWings. She lives in Hyssia. Since her parents were a FlameWing and NightWing, She has features of both.  She is the first of the Sparkwing hybrids to come. She believes in a fair way of ruling, so she made a form of democracy: One member from each Family goes to report thier  families say in her deciscions. She is Nice and always welcomes hybrids to her kingdom, SparkWing or not. She is in no war with anyone currently because the land of Hyssia is in peace . She is also in peace with the scavengers. She also seems to be part of The Talons of Peace: The Hyssia Division.  


Each Sparkwing has a special ability, fire is common, ice breath is rare, poison has only been done twice. SoulSpark has An advanced Green Color Fire that almost instantly melts most metals. She can control to where it could come out in a short ball of fire, or a continous stream. The end of her tail has a big Bone that contains no scales, there, she melted metal on it to make it sharp. Sometimes before a battle, she dips it in Poison. Can withstand fire and Ice Breathe. They know the antidotes for all Poisons

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