» Nightcry | ♂| SkyWing | HERO «
Sorno was born and raised by the streets. He knew no other life. However, when he was arrested in an ambitious heist with the use of his powers, he faced an unusual choice: join the up-and-coming Chasten and become one of civil society, or serve decades in jail.
A year later, and Sorno's a famous teenage superhero and an integral part of the Chasten. But his past is coming back for him in too many ways to handle, and it’s coming back hellbent on him.

 » S O R N O «
 » B A C K G R O U N D «
CREATOR NightStrike
ALIASES Copper (hero name)
ELEMENT shifting sky
COLORS pale colors
ANIMAL letter-winged kite
SONG Inferno - Sir Sly
ALIGNMENT chaotic good
 » C H A R A C T E R «
AGE 16 (human)
ORIENTATION heterosexual
OCCUPATION hero / conflicted figure
GOAL to find himself
RESIDENCE Chasten HQ, Nightcry (formerly)
RELATIVES doesn’t know
ALLIES Chasten members (shaky), Stormflight (shaky)
ENEMIES Jet, Cecidit, Rebel, Stormflight (shaky)
POWERS aerokinesis, energy absorption and cancelation
WEAPONS street skills, a handgun
LOVES doesn’t know
QUOTE "Back the f**k up."
» A P P E A R A N C E «
"I don’t look like a street-y in this suit, I know."

Sorno is a highly recognizable dragon, due to his leucism and partial heterochromia. Despite being normally seen in press clothing, a copper hero mask, or specialized hero gear, that is not the dragon he sees himself as ever fully being.

The young hero likes to express himself through what he wears, but his pale red, gold, and white scales attract more attention than his clothing choice. These scales will always be scuffed and dull with a scattering of silvery-pink slices among their numbers.

His eyes appear to be a striking blue from afar, but his irises are heterochromatic; both blue and green; they can appear to shift colors. There’s more behind the coloration of his eyes than he’d care to admit.

The SkyWing has a pair of ripped and scarred wings that show a beautiful spiraling pattern on a coppery-orange gradient, perhaps a marking of his inborn aerokinesis.

The chains around his neck are almost a trademark of his, along with the tattoo of a black and sharp wing on his left shoulder. He often uses this tattoo as a signature and symbol in personal or discreet documents. Sorno also wears horn and tail bands of differing colors.

However, underneath his old ripped jeans, patterned tee-shirts, and talonless gloves, lie many a scar, some from handcuffs and others from turf wars.

» P E R S O N A L I T Y «
"Don’t even bother with that piece of s**t."
—about Sorno


» A B I L I T I E S «
"Nothing but respect for MY ticket off the street."
—Sorno being sarcastic


» H I S T O R Y «
"F**k off about my origin story. I'm not another comic book."


» R E L A T I O N S H I P S «
"I talk to dragons who will never talk to me again. That expereince is real."

Please ask to have your OC in the relationships. Preferably Chasten (and associates), villians / crime bosses, and Nightcry citizens that he’s met.

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» T R I V I A «
"I don't want to be caged by your stupid f**king ideals. Help the civilians!"
—Sorno at a teammate
  • Sorno is one of the few OCs still from the original Chasten
  • He conflicts with the team constantly
  • He will bite in combat
  • Sorno is a Hufflepuff
  • He knows more about fashion than you might think
  • He is leucistic
» G A L L E R Y «
"Don’t dress me up for a pointless press conference again."

Enter Sorno- A teenage superhero with a checkered past. Growing up in the streets of West Nightcry, this peculiar dragon was involved in some seriously illegal business. He was then arrested and somehow found his way to the crime-fighting group known as the Chasten. How can he fight crime when he was once on the other side? He belongs to NightStrike.
Creator ns
Attribute uncaring
Element chaotic good
Colors red, white, gold, orange
Animal demon
Song Polaroid - Imagine Dragons
Age 17 (human)
Gender male
Occupation superhero
Tribe skywing
Relatives orphaned
Allies Retora, Stormflight, Maddox (shaky)
Enemies Necro Brigade
Powers weather, can breathe sparks
Weapons a weird dagger he found on his desk one night
Love Interests Retora, Stormflight (formerly)


"He's like the wind."

Sorno isn't your average SkyWing, he's an albino. He gets many weird glances when he's out in public, for a variety of reasons. His white scales are dull and scratched from years of living on the streets, they appear a light gray from all of the grime they've accumilated over his lifetime. The scales closest to his spine are shiny, like spilled blood and they are very bright. His horns, spines, and claws are a deep black, like a moonless night. He has a row of scales right before his scales that are a very sharp orange, almost scarlet. His underscales are gold, as are the inside of his ears. His ears are very cut up from a lifetime of fighting over scraps.

This 17-year-old dragon has many peculiar features besides being an albino. He has stunning blue eyes that seem to glow when there's a breeze. Blue eyes are uncommon for a SkyWing, especially bright blue. His wings are also strange. They are a bit bigger than average, even for a SkyWing. The weirdest part about them is the white wind spirals crisscrossing over the orange membrane. He also has a strange marking on his right shoulder that many mistake as a tattoo. It's a diamond with two lines parallel to the sides and on the back half it has two v-shaped arrows pointing away from it. Sometimes it is edged with green, as are his eyes.

Sorno looks older than he actually is, appearing to be about 22. This has helped him in many situations. He is rather strongly built, having lots of muscle from his old lifestyle. His wings are very strong from navigating in tough headwinds for most of his life. Sorno tends to wear very unprofessional clothing, having ripped jeans and a leather jacket. He also tends to wear a chainlink necklace when he's feeling extra rebellious.

He has a tattoo on the fleshy part of his left wing above his shoulder. He got it at the same time Stormflight got her signature leaf tattoo. Most assume it's a bird's wing, but it's really the wing of a fallen angel. He sometimes uses it as a signature instead of his actual name- if he's trying to be stealthy. The Chasten currently doesn't know it's origins, and Sorno plans on keeping it that way.


"Get out, I refuse to let you know me. "

Sorno is your stereotypical SkyWing, stubborn, angry, and not afraid to fight. He hates most of the Chasten because they see him as inferior. Sure he wasn't born in a lab or tested on, but his life was hard back then nonetheless. Sometimes he hates them for no reason at all. He is pretty stupid and reckless, not afraid to get in harm's way if someone he loves is in trouble. He doesn't pay attention to detail, and that has almost gotten him killed more than once.

He has a very sharp tongue, and isn't afraid to sass the rest of the team. He is typically very sarcastic and cold towards everyone, not really considering their feelings. He is very snappy, and often says things he doesn't really mean. Being teenager, he is generally immature and he swears. A lot.

He does have a softer side that most dragons don't see. He is very guarded because he's afraid that dragons might abandon him, like his parents left him on the street to die. He is very soft once you get to know him, and his emotions are easy to play with. If someone insults him, he won't show it but he actually cares. He's a perfectionist, he always has been. He tries to be the best at whatever he does, even if it isn't legal. If he gets an insult, or if someone tells him he's just not good enough, this will seriously take a chunk out of him.

He is easy manipulated and tries to stay distant for this reason. He reacts very well to compliments, and can be blinded by flattery. He has a pretty big ego and feels like he isn't appreciated enough. He has threatened to quit on more than several occasions, and that's when he's been homesick. If there isn't someone to keep him in check, he could resort back to his old ways.


"He can steal the breath from your lungs."

alone, ditched, unwanted, unloved.

Those were the only things Sorno knew in his childhood. He was abandoned while he was still in the egg, not even knowing who his parents were. They'd left him in the streets of West Nightcry, where only the strong survive, and the weak die. They probably thought they were sending him to his funeral. He hatched in the dead of night, cold and alone, with no one watching over him. From that day on, the young dragonet knew that he was a disgrace.

He began sneaking into East Nightcry at the age of 5, and that's where he learned to shoplift and pickpocket. He used his gift to help him with all of these small crimes. He met Stormflight when he was about to raid a fruit stand. They became good friends very fast. She invited him to stay at her alleyway, and that's how they stayed, they had each other's back no matter what back then. They were the perfect team, she would distract, and he would use his powers to steal. They slowly became more ambitious, pulling off more large-scale heists over time.

They soon caught the attention of a rather big gang that practically ruled West Nightcry. Sorno in particular caught the gang leader's eye. The gang leader, also known as Jet, tracked them down an offered Sorno and Stormflight a high rank in the gang, however- they had to raid one of the biggest businesses in East Nightcry and steal their newest phone model before it got on the market. And they had to do it alone. Little did they know, Jet was setting them up to fail.

The two immediately devised a plan. Stormflight would knock out a minor employee and wear their uniform and pretend to be a newbie. She would locate the new phone model and text sorno the location. Sorno would make wind shatter the glass windows nearest to the phone and while the employees were distracted he would slip in, grab the phone, and make a quick getaway.

They attmpted the hiest. There were two things they didn't take into account. Security cameras, and the police force of east Nightcry. The cops tracked Sorno down, preventing him and Stormflight from giving the phone to the gang. They put up a fierce fight, but eventually they were outnumbered. Sorno created one last blast to stun the force long enough for Stormflight to get away. They didn't know that she played a huge part in the hiest, as she just looked like a normal employee, so they let her get away.

He soon found himself in a jail cell with no one to come after him. There was no trial, as it was obvious he was the one who committed the break in. He was destined to 9 years in prison. That is, until he tried to break out. He rushed the guards and used his power to take their breath away- literally. He was soon caught and knocked out, as he had not thought his plan through. He was more worried about Stormflight.

He woke up in a room in the The Chasten headquarters. A strange SkyWing tried to get him to join a weird superhero team. He refused, and used his abilities to escape yet again. He broke through a window and lead the newly-formed team on a wild chase theoughout the city. He was caught and reasoned with. He joined the Chasten- but they had to promise not to hurt Stormflight.

Some time after that, he and Retora were sent on a mission. They came face to face with Zaaner, Retora's half-brother. He was struck by some of Zaaner's alien energy, awakening more strange abilities within Sorno. This is also when the conflicted teen realized that he had feelings for the half-alien. He's gone on a few other missions, but has forgotten most of them due to his horrible memory.

Nowadays he sneaks around in the shadows, and he's somewhat distant from the rest of the chasten. He recently reconnected with Stormflight, and found out she had a new lover, Maddox. He's been kinda distant lately, as he just want someone who will be with him, always. He will still sass anyone who questions him, and he denies that he's been in any shady business.


"He's like nothing we've ever seen."

Sorno can control any gas around him. His power is not limted to just oxygen. He can do anything he wants with the air, including manipulating the air currents when he's flying, or something he likes to call windrun. Sorno's windrun is when he flys with a really fast gust of wind that he creates, causing it to appear like he suddenly disappeared with the wind. If he's in an enclosed space, like a hallway or room, it can leave a trail of destruction in its wake (the rest of the group gets really mad when he makes their paperwork blow away). He's been clocked at over 200mph when windrunning. He can detect air vibrations better than most other dragons, so you would have to be really slow or really sudden to surprise him.

Temperature Manipulation
Sorno can change the temperature within a 50-foot radius around him. He doesn't use this ability a lot, because if he makes the temperature really cold, he will overheat and vice versa. This ability ties in with his aerokinesis. If he's in a bad mood, the chasten know to stay a good distance away because the temperature does sometimes flucuate with his mood. He cannot decrease the temperature below 10° F or above 130° F.

Energy Transfer
Sorno can draw energy out of negatively charged thunderclouds. He can only do this when he's inside the cloud. However, he has the same survivability rate as a normal dragon when it comes to lightning strikes, so he has to be extra careful when doing this. It can also work the other way around. If he's in extreme emotional distress he can cause storms to form. He cannot control the storm when this happens, so he tends to use calming methods before it can get out of hand.

Alien Sensor

design Sornomarkref

After coming in contact with alien energy that he took in via lightning strike, Sorno gained a mark on his shoulder where the energy struck him. His eyes and mark turn green when an alien or alien hybrid is nearby. The shade of green depends on how close the alien is, and if they're a hybrid or a full-blooded alien. He can't control the green, as it just starts by itself. He's been questioned on why his eyes and shoulder mark glow green at times, but he denies that it is triggered by anything and says that it's just a genetic defect. Only he and Retora know its true power.

Sorno also gained one other ability from the alien energy. He can temporarily counteract any alien technology or powers. He can only do this for a short period of time, as this drains him really quickly. His eyes and mark will glow green when he's trying it. Most of the time the power doesn't work, or he can barely counteract some of Retora's simplest abilities. He hypothesizes that the ability is still developing.


"Shut up. I don't want art. "