Sonicwave is Whitey's OC. Please don't edit or use without my permission.


Sonicwave is a male SwiftWing. He has gray scales, light gray underscales, dark green stripes and wings, and an orange tail tuft and mane. Sonicwave's eyes are a deep, natural green, but when he uses his telekinesis, his eyes glow light green. His mane is long, and some of it drapes in front of his face.


He is boastful and can be smug, but it isn't often. He loves to compete and always accepts a challenge, but hates when he loses. He, thankfully, doesn't throw a really huge pity party, but stomps off all the same. Whenever he wins a challenge, he boasts about it and tends to rub it in others face. It only happens during really huge events.

He's been known to lend a helping paw often, and he likes to help others a lot, but not because of the goodness in his heart. He helps to gain their respect, in hope a lot of dragons will remember and respect him. He is a real sucker for praise and hates to be unadmired or cast away. He loves to show off his skills to gain awe, and always tries to improve so the awe never gets old.


Sonicwave has retraceable claws, like his tribe, and he also has large wings. He is a fast flier. He has earth telekinesis, so his eyes glow green. His powers are fairly average. Sonicwave is average when it comes to strength and speed, but doesn't normally run away or fight, unless it's to help someone or to gain respect. He is excellent when it comes to flying, and loves to show off his skills.


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