Sonictalon is a crimson Skywing and a friend of Ice.


Sonictalon likes to rush into things and get things done quickly. He has a fear of Queen Ruby. He likes to fly and perform tricks. He is not the best at fighting, and will avoid fighting if he can. He talks about his backstory at any given moment, which annoys some dragons.


When Sonictalon was born, his right horn was not as large as his left horn. Because of this, he was banished from the Kingdom of the Sky. He flew around Pyrrhia, and one day, he flew into an IceWing named Ice. Ice was going to attack him, but after Sonictalon told him about how he was banished, Ice let him live. They became friends shortly afterwards. Sonictalon now lives in a hole with a fireplace in the Ice Kingdom.



  • He is a fantastic flier, but is not very good at running. He is balanced in attacking.
  • He can't decide on a SandWing queen.
  • He doesn't pay attention sometimes, and he likes to study his claws.
  • His favorite food is burned hog.