Solar is a female FlameWing. She is bright red with violet eyes.


Solar was born 8 years ago in the FlameWing Volcano. She was very young when the FlameWings needed to leave the volcano. She was very sad that she didn't have a sibling because she had no one to play with. One night at the age of 7, when she was at the sea, she heard yelling from an island about 2 miles away. She thought it was some MoonWings yelling at one another. She ran so she wouldn't be caught. Suddenly, a SkyWing solider captured her and took her to a cave. SkyWings and FlameWings were allies so this SkyWing was a rebel. She found out it was a spy named Augusta. She told Solar to never go near the ocean because of MoonWings. Augusta left, leaving Solar behind. Solar doesn't know what will happen next.


  • She knows every number a dragon is knowing.
  • She loves to eat cooked steak.