This is my first fanfiction, so please no flames. However, comments and ideas are more than welcome. Especially since I just hit writer's block. At this point, the dragonets have ended the war and are heroes. I don't know how they ended the war, but it will be referenced. Blister, Blaze, and Burn are all dead. I have no idea what happened to Morrowseer. Anyone who wants is welcome to write an accompanying story about how exactly the war ended. Anyway, as the story begins, a banquet is being thrown for the dragonets in the Sky Kingdom, and Queen Coral is going to give them their honors.

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The young heroes walked through the crowd, which parted as they passed: Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, Fatespeaker, and Sunny. Bits of treasure were tossed in their direction, and the audience cheered loudly enough to shake the peaks. 

The dragonets walked towards the end of the aisle, where stood Queen Coral,with an unharnessed Anemone flapping delightedly alongside. 

"Welcome", the SeaWing queen began, gesturing to the crowd to be silent. "We are here today to honor 6 heroic young dragonets, from whom even the eldest among us can learn much.

"Clay of the MudWings, step forth."

Clay stepped forward.

"In the interest of keeping future peace, it has been decided that each tribe will have several "bigwings". They shall patroll Pyrrhia and protect all of it's inhabitants. They will be answerable only to the queens and kings. 

Due to your strength, Clay, and your unsurpassed loyalty,  you have been selected to be the first of these."

Anemone placed a medallion engraved with the word bigwings around Clay's neck. Clay bowed. "Thank you your majesty", he said. Then he stepped back.

"Next," said Queen Coral, "Tsunami of the SeaWings, step forth my daughter."

Tsunami stepped forward. 

"Tsunami", Coral began, "Your fighting skill and courage has impressed even the greatest of veterans. It takes some serious skill to defeat Burn the mighty in a dual. You are still my daughter, and a princess of the sea. But you have been chosen as the first SeaWing bigwings." Anemone put another bigwings medallion around Tsunami's neck. 

Tsunami steped back. 

"Let it also be known," Queen Coral continued, "That the formerly convicted traitor SeaWings Webs and Riptide have been granted full pardons in light of the brave sacrifices they made for the sake of peace.

"Queen Glory of the RainWings, step forth."

Glory stepped forward. 

"We the queens of the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia aknowledge your queenship and are sure you will do a splendid job. We will aid you in returning the RainWings to their rightful place in Pyrrhian culture. Never again will we dare to underestimate you."

Glory was so happy, she was actually smiling as Anemone placed a beautiful silver crown on her head. She stepped back. 

"Starflight and Fatespeaker of the RainWings, step forth."

Starflight and Fatespeaker stepped forward.

"You two have been chosen, by majorety vote at a meeting of RainWings and NightWings, to lead the NightWings in the Rainforest kingdom under the rule of Queen Glory. You, Starflight, have also been put in charge of education, and a large supply of scroll has just been delivered to the Rainforest. We thank you for your intellect, and you Fatespeaker, for your integrity."

Both NightWings bowed. "Thank you, your majesty," they said before stepping back.

"Finally," said Coral, "Sunny of the SandWings, step forth." 

Sunny stepped forward.

"Sunny, we cannot thank you enough.  You held the dragonets together through thick and thin. You inspired everyone you met. You alone continued to hope, to believe, long after all others gave up. 

"I have been asked to offer you the crown of the SandWings, since none of the 3 queens ever produced any offspring."

Sunny looked shocked and dismayed. "Me!? Be the queen of the SandWings?! But..." she looked back at her friends. "But I just want to go live in the Rainforest with Starflight and Glory and Fatespeaker."

Queen Coral nodded. "Yes. I was told you might say that. Then you shall select the next queen from among Queen Oasis's granddaughters. You may also make a request of the queens, and if it is within our power, we will grant it."

Sunny thought on this for a long time. Finally she said, "I wish for all of the tribes to switch to the RainWing method of challenging for the throne. The current queen picks a contest, like a flying race for example, and the winner gets to be queen. No killing."

There was a pause, and then Queen Coral nodded at the tiny SandWing. "So be it," she said. "We will do as you request, Sunny."

Sunny bowed. "Thank you your majesty," She stepped back.

"Dragonets of Pyrrhia," Coral said in a booming voice, "I give you the Dragonets of Destiny!"

And the crowd cheered, applauding with their wings and stamping their talons. 

When they finally quieted, the banquet began. 

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