Soar is a male SkyWing was the main character in War of the Queens. His


mother is unknown, but his father is a NightWing. He has the traits of his father's facial expressions, but looks like a regular SkyWing. His brother Coal's head is black, and he painted it red to hide the fact that he is half NightWing. His other Brother Spark has no traits what so ever of their father. Soar's father Blackclaw is the brother of Mastermind making Soar the cousin of Starflight. Once he went into the NightWing kingdom his NightWing powers came to him in dreams, and his father Blackclaw then gave him a dreamvisitor thinking it'll help him with his nightmares.


Soar is a soldier in the SkyWing army who is friends with Tremble , Shard, Heat, Puffer, and Tang. He has a strong relationship with Heat when they met each other during the war. 

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