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A really awesome Snowflake by Luler!

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Snowflake A.K.A IceClaw  (Do not use her without my permission!!!If you do, I will contact an Admin to ban you!!!)

Snowflake, also known as Iceclaw (only by her friends), Is a female IceWing. She lives in Ice Kingdom. She loves going on adventures with her friends and sometimes by herself, but she never goes out of the kingdom. She is also five years old, she gets bored very easily and reads scrolls when she is tired from a previous adventure. Her favorite scrolls are The History of the Ice Kingdom and The History of the NightWings. Even though IceWings and NightWings are enemys, she wants a friend who is a NightWing, because she is very interested in their history. She loves to swim in cold water, sometimes when she is allowed to, she swims until nightime when it is extremely cold. She loves to go camping with friends and flying ( mostly at night)when she goes on those trips. She has heard stories of the dragonets and wants to be just like them.

Snowflake until I get her picture that I made on here

She loves fish, in fact she can eat any kind.(Not counting venomous ones). Her scales are a mixture of silver, light blue, and white.She is also very odd, she likes fruit, even though it doesn't grow where she lives, her sharp horns don't go all the way down her back, and she has Peaceseeker and Solstice as friends even though they are NightWings.


  • Her friends - (Blizzard, Equinox, Peaceseeker)
  • Fish
  • The Dragonets
  • Coldness
  • Swimming in cold lakes
  • Camping
  • The Ice Kingdom
  • Ice skating( Its kinda like skating except with her claws)
  • Good.
  • Blaze


She is really nice and adventurous, although when she is tired she is usually grouchy. (kinda)She is kind to everyone, but she has developed a hatred of the DiamondWings. She likes hanging out with friends and reading her scrolls.She wants to be friends with a NightWings.




  • The Two sisters (not counting Blaze)
  • DiamondWings
  • SkyWings
  • Queen Scarlet
  •  Warm or hot Temperatures
  • Battling.
  • Her enemies (add your fc here)


  • Although her ice powers aren't that strong, she extremely fast on land, sea, and air.
  • She loves to swim in cold water (lake, sea, pond etc.) although Icewings would rather stay on land.
  • Other than fish, Snowflake's favorite prey are cows,pigs and even though it doesn't live, fruits and vegetables.
  • She doesn't like DiamondWings or SkyWings, because they say they are impossible to beat.
  • She is very slim, thats why she is very fast.


  • The IceWing and IceWing2 RP (IceWing 2 is still active) and also IceWing Mountain.
  • Not anymore apperances than the RP.


She is a light blue with her flaps on her wings being silver, her chest is very bright white so others notice her. Her body gets lighter by the head (Darker) and tail( lighter).

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