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My character for honeysuckle's Teardrop Faction, please don't use him without my permission, and reader's discretion is advised.


Beetle is a strange looking MudWing, small for his age, at least shortness wise. His back plates are completely flat. He has a few scars on some of his limbs due to being a member of the Teardrop Faction, which he hides when he's pursuing normal life under a few attempted disguises. He has crooked horns and spines that appear strange compared to the already weird looking dragon he is. He has very large round eyes with bags under his eyes from many sleepless nights he's endured.

Along with the already strange appearance, Beetle has a rather unattractive color scheme, with sickly brownish greens and pale browns in general. His top scales are a dark greenish brown that oombre into a pale brown. His underbelly isn't light and is, in fact, likely darker than his top scales. His wing membranes are a near transparent pale greenish color that resembles bug wings.


On the surface, Beetle is a quiet, reserved dragon. He rarely snaps at anyone, especially dragons older than him or much younger than him. He's been known to snap at particularly stupid remarks made by his peers. He's very opinionated, however, if you get him going on a certain topic. He's an anxious dragon, however, that's not used to sharing his opinion, and used to being corrected or criticised for his opinion.

Beetle, however, is a rather protective and defensive dragon. He's lost too many dragons he's cared about to be sloppy and watches his every move to make sure he doesn't slip up and hurt anyone else he knows. He's a bit impulsive to prepare for a fight, growing up having to worry if his father feels violent from time to time. And at the same time, he can be a bit of a wimp when it comes to other dragons he knows are more powerful or more important than him. In those cases, he's quick to submit and spill any information he has that can keep him out of trouble, usually not realizing the consequences until immediately after the fact.


Beetle is not an average MudWing. He does have about most of the strength of a full grown one, however. He doesn't have typical fire due to gene mutations, but under certain circumstances, he can set fire to certain gases and liquids. He's almost perfected a chemical balance to control this phenomenon himself with liquids and gases he can use to spread through an area quickly, or set fire to certain areas. He's used this before on assignments he was sent to do by the Teardrop Faction, making sure the specific dragon was stuck inside the building before using the chemical fire break out.

Beetle was trained how to use pocket knives to defend himself. From what, he wasn't very sure at the time, but carries one around with him at all times anyway. His mother had given him his knives and his father taught him how to effectively use them when he took him into the faction, and for that reason he keeps one with him at any point he can, even typically having one under his pillow when he goes to bed, just in case whoever he needs to defend himself from doesn't immediately have the upper hand.


Silt and Lizard didn't have the best relationship as a couple. Afterall, soon after Silt told his girlfriend about his membership of the Teardrop Faction, Lizard found out she was carrying his egg. Without telling him about the dragonet she would have, she cut contact with him and moved as far as she could, which at the moment wasn't very far but she thought her dragonet would be safe from the violent gang she had only heard about in rumors and vague news reports. When Beetle had hatched, she welcomed him to the world with open, protective wings and made sure to keep him out of the knowledge of his father. She homeschooled him and did almost everything she could until he started being able to leave on his own. The extent she left it too was the store and the library, but even that caught just enough wind of the Teardrop Faction to set Silt's sights on his son and recruit him as a Lower Cadet. However, he wanted to wait until he was mature and old enough to take care of himself, because the thought of running a violent job and raising a dragonet was exhausting to him.

Beetle was running a calm life at the time. Unaware of the gang that had a target on his back. Eventually, he met a dragon that he was close friends with, and eventually started an indirect relationship with him. His name was Caracara, and called himself CC, and the relationship was rather hard to maintain, texting from direct opposite sides of the city and only meeting on a complete chance. It wasn't much long after CC left to go back home when Beetle's house was broken into. In the dark of the night, Beetle was kidnapped, as well as his mother, or so Silt says, and was introduced to the Teardrop Faction. Instinctively, he turned them down and begged to go home with his mom, until Silt explained how the Teardrop Faction worked. Beetle's heart sank, but knew if he could get on his father's good side, it was possible to see his mother again.

At first, the ways of the Teardrop Foundation terrified him. He had always had an iron stomach, but when he got his scars to officially join the Faction he nearly threw up. After a lot of training and lectures from his father, Beetle started to get the hang of how the Teardrop Faction would work, and eventually helped his father with assignments before eventually getting his own. It was difficult to get over the guilt of hurting so many dragons, but seeing his mother again, and getting to message his boyfriend after a long day made him feel a bit better about himself. They never needed to know who was hurt to let him see them again, and he kept that idea up. Never once has he necessarily enjoyed what he's done, and he fears a day when he could, but he's always been striving to please the Faction to see his mother and keep his boyfriend safe.


  • despite not getting a proper education, beetle learned fast and experimented with chemicals from abandoned factories long before he even joined the faction
  • beetle takes melatonin to get almost any sleep, causing him to have very vivid dreams

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