Snake in the Night is a roleplay log put together by Electrical-Onyx. It is from the Constellation NightWing Tunnels chatrooms.

Act One

The deep, dark tunnels of the Night Kingdom. The place which the NightWings called home. Star curled up for a nap in her Royal Sleeping cave. Shadow Shift curiously walks up towards a large cave and overhears some dragons talking and runs into a dragon, looking up slowly. It was Cepheus. He huffed and walked away. While he did that, he turned to look at Shadow Shift.

"Sorry Cepheus." Shadow Shift said in a loud whisper "I... I was just..." Stalking he thought.

"Well... okay." Cepheus walked off to talk with his friend Virgo.

Shadow shift left them and walked of towards the prison to where his friends were. Then when he was just finishing the lock on Shardz some one called out. "Hey you, dragonet, halt!"

Shadow Shift froze and pretended he was a rock. He turned to see his NightWing queen/mother Star. "Mom, I'm sorry."

"What were you about to do in the prison? I demand an answer now, Shadow Shift." Star said with a stern look on her face."Can't I go just a few minutes without one of my children running off?"

"Is there a problem here?" Haytham said, emerging out of the shadows. "Ah, its only M'lady and Shadow Shift. Would you like me to escort him to His quarters after you two are through?"

"Yes, thank you, Haytham," Star said. "And as for you," Star spoke again, bowing her head slightly to talk to her son, "by the three moons, what were you doing here in the first place?"

"Sorry mom, but these are my friends and I would like then to be set free. They are trustworthy, I swear." Shadow Shift pleaded.

"Honey," Star said, more gently, "I know you think they are your friends now, but maybe in the future, they can back stab you. I cannot set your friends free, but I will let you visit them on one condition. You must take Haytham or Zodia with you. Speaking of Zodia, can you call her up here, Haytham?"

"Yes M'Lady," Haytham Said, alertly. "At once." He scurried off, uneasily at first, but at a constant pace.

"Y-" Shadow Shift began.

"He would never agree to do that!" Shardz intterupted.

"Why wouldn't he?" Star's voice grew cold.

Once again they were interrupted by commotion outside

A dull golden orange colored dragon who spat with a mouth full of vains and scals. "Well that won't bother me for-" he stopped to throw up.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" Star demanded.

"Your dragonet can tell you that. I followed this... very nice SandWing... Spike. I think it is the time we come for them." He answered calmly amused then threw up again.