Smoked is a small 7 year-old FlameWing.  


Smoked is sly and very intelligent. His knowledge of other tribes amazes most dragons he meets. Smoked is sly and barely tells anyone about himself. Smoked trusts only his family, and he might not even trust his tribe's allies. He can get angry easily and accidentally snap at someone.


Smoked has bright red scales, like glowing lava. His eyes are a glowing bright green and are very sharp. Smoked has a small and skinny build, giving him advantages sometimes. His underbelly scales are a soft orange. Smoked has pastel yellow and orange wing membranes.


Smoked was hatched far away from his family, and he liked it that way. He spent his first three days only by himself before someone found him and brought him to his family. Smoked was upset his family was very happy he was back, as he wanted to be alone reading small scrolls. Smoked lived with his family until the age of 6.

When he was alone in the mountains, a IceWing found him and brought him to the kingdom. He liked the cold weather of the kingdom more than extreme heat. It was then when in the palace he set on fire, practically melting half the palace. Smoked felt extremely tired after that, but still escaped.

Abilities and Disabilities

Smoked can set himself on fire, but he has only done this one time in his life. He is very intelligent and deceiving.


  • Smoked has a fear of small spaces and IceWings
  • Smoked gets very tired if water if thrown on him during his "fire stage" (Him setting himself on fire.
  • Smoked doesn't like rabbit.