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Smaug (Internet)

Smaug (cookies for you (actually no cookies) if you get the reference, and I got this pic off of the internet)


Smaug, by Tundra

Smaug the SkyWing

Smaug Drawing

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Smaug is a rather sly SkyWing. He is very secretive and smart, and knows lots of riddles. If you have seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (PG13) (link to trailer: than you will know a lot more about his personality. Lastly, he is very wise.


His under scales light up with lava when he is about to (or he is) breathing fire. He is a dark red all over, with lighter red under scales. He has huge wings, is giant, and has sharp talons and teeth.


Smaug has all of the SkyWing powers. He has a stronger flame, and sharper eyesight.

Relationships and Quotes

No relationships.

"You'll learn to trust me."


"Want a game of riddles to cheer you up?"