Slit is an odd 9 year-old SandWing.  


Slit loves gems. His favorite gems are emeralds. Slit is crafted in making jewerly and often sells it. Despite his love for gems, he is not selfish and would help anyone in need for free. Slit will correct anyone is they say anything wrong about gems or minerals. Slit is stubborn and exaggerates on the "S" in words or sentences, sounding like a snake. Slit is very charming. He has terrible social skills and is a bit anti-social.


Slit almost died at birth because something was wrong with his stomach (which was never discovered why.). The surgery perfromed by the healers enabled him to use his fire anymore, so his venomous barb was his only natural weapon. Slit had (and still does) venom that dissolved the enemy from the inside, amking the target bleed to death.  Slit's parents adored his power and character. His mother's egg before Slit had died, possibly by a disease. He, because of the surgery, couldn't eat too much without getting sick for many weeks (three weeks maximum).



Slit is an albino, but not like you know. He is still a very pale butter yellow, but has red eyes. Slit obviously had plae butter yellow scales. His talons are a light orange, almost yellow. He wears a silver band on his pastel yellow horn (left). His barb is in the shape of a leaf and dissolves the enemy from the inside out. Slit also wears jewerly around his arms, back legs, tail, wings (clipped unto the wing membrane)  and  neck.

Slit still has a large scar on his underscales from the surgery.

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