Slice and Dice is a short fanfic by Stuffed. It is another one of my entries for the SwiftWing Lightning Born Competition.

Chapter One:It Can't Be 

I can't be one, I just can't. I'm too wimpy and useless and well, weird. And yet I was chosen to compete in the races. To other SwiftWings it was an honor.

But to me it was humiliating. The thing is, I'm slow.

Slower then a MudWing, and maybe even a snail.

So to be chosen to race against the fastest SwiftWings in the whole tribe?

I couldn't possibly win. Not ever.

"Atom come and eat!" my mother yelled to me.

And also the name. Atom?

It was supposed to be a cool name,the thing that holds the universe together. But Neutron and the other almost full growns just keep making fun of it.

I come to the table and much on the roasted chickens. At least the food taste good.

After dinner I slip out of the house and walk around the village.

I could see Queen Starbolt's palace in the distance.

And if you turned around, far far far out in the distance you could see the tip of Princess Flora's fortress.

I walk around the village almost everyday. It seems to be fun and it's one of the only thing I like - to see the small dragonets trying to fly and the older ones soaring above.

To see the markets and shops with different foods. And then I come to a stop.

In front of me is the construction of the race track.

A stand there for a second, stunned. This big track. It's what i'm supposed to race on. To 'win' on.

I lift off into the sky and fly away to my home.

I duck inside and go through the next room.

There I lie on my bed and close my eyes. I squint and think of great dreams and try to sleep.

And yet I can't.

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