Slenderdragon is an ageless, alien- like dragon. (Halloween based character)


Slender wears a tuxedo, with a red\black tie. He has no facial features. His "skin" is completely white, and he has tentacles, that rise from his back.


Slender has always been on this earth. When dragons started to populate, he mysteriously vanished, like he died. However, in 9134, there was a first sighting of him, as the scavenger vanished, quoted, I didn't want to hurt him, nor did my partner, but terrifying, we saw his tentacles rise from his back."

Slenderdragon had a second sighting at the beginning of the war, it was by several NightWing and IceWing children, who have always been missing since the sightning.




Come little children,

Come and play.

Let the Groβmann come and take you away.

He cannot bite,

But you should be alarmed.

For he rips out your heart if you don’t sing this song.

Nowadays, he’s known as the Slender Dragon

Known as the baddest man in the land.

He makes you delve in insanity,

As he just stands there menacingly.

So run, little children.

Flee and don’t return.

Else you shall be boiled and burned,

And placed inside an urn.

The Slender Dragon knows no fear.

And will make you cry your bloody tears