awwwww Slender pixilized All rights to Disney because their website was the only pixel art I could find

Slender is a dark, mysterious male DeathWing.


Slender is a dark grey DeathWing. His face bears a scar running down the side of his head. His mask has a small dent in it where talons had sunken in. He has red eyes.


Slender doesn't hate battle but he doesn't love it, either. Slender respects the customs and is bold to try new things. He tries to kill his opponents as quickly as possible and then writes a poem about them. Slender has a shy side but most of it is bold and proud (Maybe a bit boastful at sometimes?). But at the end of the day Slender chills and enjoys the view in his room while writing death poems. 


Slender was born on July 23 in the DeathWing Hatchery. Immediately, he respected DeathWing customs, crafting his own skull mask at the age of a 1 year. He learned to kill swiftly and quickly and grew to love something that his mom and dad didn't expect. Poetry. In his room for hours on end would he write, and write, and write, and write, and write some more.. okay, you get the point. Slender was a good student and was popular. After he finished, he is now a soldier in training but still loves poetry.


Like all the fellow DeathWings he has venom in his claws, is very strong, can become invisible and is a great poet if that's an ability...


Open your wings

take to the sky

you were born

born to fly!

SandWings ruling anything sand

SeaWings on anything but land

SkyWings jetting out bursts of flames

Nightwings how the heck do they get their names?

Mudwings deep in forests green 

Icewings on the snow? Hardly seen

Moonwings swiftly in th night

swiftwings in the sky taking flight

geodwing crystals shining at will

Deathwings preparing for the next kill

Flamewings practicing their fire and stuff

Rainwing venom deadly to us

now dont be like kestrel the sour puss


Open your wings 

take to the sky

you were born


Jump in a lake 

Run through some mud

your a dragon

and dragons just want to have fun :D ( and occasionally breaking out in war over who gets to be queen causing bloodshed for about 18 years)

Snowings running on tundras white

Crystalwings shining with all their might

Thunderwings booming across the land

Gyrowings lifting rocks to the the smallest grain of sand

Chronowings shifting from night to day

Toxinwings shall you trust them in any way?

Mistwings creating tons of dew

Dwarf wings heck their smaller than you!

Batwings Taking to the sky

they were born born to fly


jump in a lake 

run through some mud

your a dragon!

and dragons just want to have fun

( I would like to thank Luckybird and Lightningstrike for these amazing ideas for slenders poem!)

Kill a pig

Fly in the sky

Let your dreams soar so high!

Snake wings slithering across the land

Monster wings they think they are SOO grand

Frozen fire wings is there breath cold or hot?

Time wings ever see one? I think not!

Chronowings making cheetahs slow and snails fast

Aetherwings will they leave the planets at last?

Diamond wings pretty like treasure

Element wings helping is to their pleasure

Ember wings as fiery as hot coals

Shadow wings shall do what their told

Forest wings deep in a field of flowers

Light wings do they shine at chosen hours?

Celestialwings shining amongst the stars

Darkwings don't really get that far

Changewings never maintening one form

Jurassic wings where they whipped out By a single storm?

Thornwings are their spikes prickly or soft?

Spector wings taking other dragons aloft

Thunder wings booming across the sky

Batwings I'd say they fly super high!

Storm wings challenging their energy

Crystalwings flashing like the shining sea

Sunwings giving us light and power

Gyrowings lifting things at every hour

Drakes are they dragons or not?

Legendarys making dragons distraught

Toxinwings releasing poisonous gas

Fox wings have they found their home at last?

Sooooo don't forget

Kill a pig

Fly in the sky

And let your dreams....


( I used a lot of dragons so I can't remember all their creators but if their creators are reading this I would like to say thank you for the ideas and if you aren't a creator then think about joining but still there is a message achieve your dreams and soar as high as you need to get them)


He once read a whole entire series of scrolls in a day.

He hates people who throw his scrolls in the lake (it happens many times :/).

His theme animal is a Chubacabra. 

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