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His Life

Slaughter is a very violent DeathWing. He likes to kill dragons for no reason. Everything about him is unknown. Legend has it that Slaughter ripped out the heart of a dragon and ate it! It's no surprise he has no friends. He does have a crush on Cosmos( it seems like everybody does, huh). Slaughter is the main antagonist in The Raining Jewel. He ends up killing Pride and Blazestorm, but Cosmos kills Slaughter. Slaughter makes Celestia kill herself.


Slaughter is very large for a DeathWing. He is black and purple. His claws are extra long, and his eyes glows when he is angry. He used to have white claws, but they are kind of reddish because he killed so many dragons in his life. So many you can't even count the all!


Slaughter is currently a criminal wanted all over Pyrrhia. He is also an assassin, murderer, serial killer, and a hater. He hates like, a lot of things.

Likes and Dislikes

Slaughter Likes: blood, war, murder, Cosmos discord

Slaughter Dislikes: happiness, cheering, laughing, smiling, faith, dragons, parents