SkyHawk Drawing

SkyHawk Oil Pastel

SkyHawk the SkyWing

SkyHawk, figuring out a problem

Incinorator's OC. Do not use without permision.


SkyHawk is a rather secretive SkyWing. He is very serious (so he gets REALLY annoyed with Moss a lot) and smart. He loves battle, and welcomes every chance he gets for a fight. He can be very mean sometimes, and is very handy when it comes to insults.


SkyHawk is a dark red, with orange streaks all across his body. His wing flaps are a neon yellow. His wings are the normal size. He loves fire.


SkyHawk is a normal SkyWing, despite his huge brain.

Relationships and Quotes

SkyHawk always says he is to serious for relationships…

"REALLY Moss, be serious for once."

"I'll sneak in through that tunnel. Moss, turn yourself invisible and sneak up on the guards."

"I prefer to keep that to myself…"

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