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Skull Island

Skull Island is the island where the DeathWings currently live. It is just off the northern tip of the IceWing's land. It is also where the beginning of the fanfiction story The Death Wing Spy takes place.

Before the Lived There

Before the DeathWings lived there they lived on an island under where the compass is on the map of Pyrrhia. Then the DiamondWings found out and made the Diamond-Death war. The DiamondWings won and the DeathWings were kicked out. They flew around Pyrrhia until the former IceWing queen, Queen Arctic let them have the island off the coast of her land. Then her daughter Glacier challenged her and won, making Glacier queen. She did not know about the DeathWings, ironcly, until they were a very strong empire.

Skull Island

At the very top is the castle made of pure obsidian, gold, rubies, and every precious gem, but diamonds. A little bit down from the top is the rich dragon's houses. They our made of nice flat rocks and some obsidian melted in. The third row of houses down are the averge suburbs. The have cobblestone walls and thatched roofs. The lowest row is where all the poor dragons live. The are made of hollowed out boulders bigger than SkyWings to make the homes. At the very bottom is a black pure obsisidan wall to keep out intruders.

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